Adam Rippon’s New Boyfriend Is a Tattooed Dreamboat

Adam Rippon's New Boyfriend Is A Tattooed Dream Boat

Adam Rippon is officially taken.

In the last six months, Adam Rippon captivated the Internet and became one of the most famous out athletes. In the early days of his fame, the adorable figure skater made headlines for complaining about Olympic condoms and kissing Gus Kenworthy. But, that’s about to change.

Apparently, the 28-year-old Olympian has been secretly prowling Tinder for man meat, and he may have caught a keeper. Rippon posted a selfie featuring Finnish-born Jussi-Pekka Kajaala to Instagram with the caption, “Good boys Finnish ?? first.”

Good boys Finnish ?? first

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Now, we’re not sure if he’s implying that Kajaala often finishes first, but it’s a cute note regardless of intent. In an interview with PEOPLE, he mentioned Kajaala and revealed the origins of their relationship, which according to a friend, started on Tinder.

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Rippon revealed they had “been talking for the past seven months” before they “started to hang out a little bit more.”

“It’s fresh! I’m fresh,” he continued. “Now that I’m even busier, I thought it was a better time [for us] to hang out.”


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Rippon previously opened up to PEOPLE about his dating life. The summer before the Games, Rippon decided to end his two-year relationship. “This was my third Olympic cycle and I was like, ‘I cannot have any regrets.’ ”

“Everything was great with him, he was a great guy, but I felt like I really needed to focus on myself,” Rippon said, adding, “I was lucky that my ex-boyfriend is such a nice person that we’re still friends now.”

Following his return from South Korea, he added, “I think that if I am to meet somebody I want it to happen organically.”

Apparently, it happened — and he’s happier than ever.

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