Twins Márcio and Marcos Patriota Embody Brotherly Love

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If you haven’t heard of Márcio and Marcos Patriota, you’ve really been missing out.

At 30 years old, twins Márcio and Marcos have had an incredibly successful modeling career. From Armani to Philipp Plein, these nearly-identical brothers have fashion connections in very high places. But, that’s not why they’re famous….

Márcio and Marcos often get very close during their photo shoots. Their brotherly love can be subtle like a quick kiss or a soft touch. But, sometimes, the twins turn up the heat for a passionate smooch or romp in the sheets.

For the controversial Philipp Plein spring 2013 campaign, the bombshell brazilians locked lips, and renowned fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The ad created quite a stir and sent gay media into a frenzy. Watch the video below and check out our favorite twincestuous Patriota moments!


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