Gay Men Ditch the Bar and Cruise the Gym

This is a photo of two guys at the gym.

We can’t be the only ones who noticed a serious shift in where men meet up; the gym is becoming the new gay bar. It seems like we can’t walk into a gym without seeing gaggles of gay men strategically taking selfies between sets of lunges, push-ups or crunches.

The gym is no longer an obligation — it’s an outing and these days men spend a prolonged amount of time mingling and cruising while lighting. In fact, one of our editors admitted to sticking around his local 24 Hour Fitness when someone peaks his interest.

Interesting, right? So, what’s going on?

From our perspective here’s what’s happening:

  • The gym is replacing the gay bar. With health at the forefront of thought for many gay men (thanks to fad diets, CrossFit and a serious incline in supplement use). Gay men spend more time working on their fitness and less time partying and other “unhealthy” habits.

So what does this mean for gay bar flies?

  • The gay bar is loosening up and transforming into the modern bathhouse, and here’s why: Grindr grants instant access to ass in your area, and your local bar is serves a meat market for immediate discovery — all in one place. It’s common to walk in on some action in bar bathrooms, especially right before last call.

We know what you’re thinking: Where does this leave the bathhouse?

  • The bathhouse is still … the bathhouse. Recently, the bathhouse or “spa,” as twentysomethings call them, are making a resurgence. For gay men looking for an NSA hook-up or no-questions-asked fun, the bathhouse is still their best bet.

Obviously, this isn’t scientific; just something we noticed while attempting to get fit at the gym and drinks at the As for the bathhouse, we all need a little love.

What do you think? Have you seen a similar trend?

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