New Mile High Club for Revealing Selfies

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Everyone’s heard of the mile high club and some of you are probably proud members.

But, there’s a new club to join and it has it’s own Tumblr account. A new trend in aerial fetishes hit the skies, and it’s kind of sexy. Well, if you find mirror selfies from random dudes in nasty airplane lavatories sexy.

Apparently, after take off, guys from around the world order a drink and a bag of nuts, and immediately head to the lavatory for an impromptu photo shoot with their packages. Although the photos might cause your crotch to lift off, they’re a little too edgy for us to show you here. But, you can see the entire collection on Tumblr.

Whether you find this sort of thing appealing or not, we do have a question for all of you. You know … for research purposes. Take our mile high club poll below and let us know how many of you are proud members of the mile high club.


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