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Get Primo Vino for Extra Cheapo With Winc Wine Delivery


Say it with me: no more two-buck Chuck!

If you’ve ever finished an entire bottle of wine by yourself, then you know you’re the real MVP! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, honey. It’s not like you were chugging it down like beer (although, who are we kidding, that’s still totally acceptable) — you were daintily sipping away at six glasses in a row while binge-watching Big Little Lies for the third time. You’re a freaking connoisseur. You know the difference between aroma and bouquet.

But are you still making purchases from your local grocery store? Or worse, buying two-buck Chucks from Trader Joe’s? Because that’s not okay. Someone who enjoys wine as much as you do needs to up their game. Yes, it’s time to get you your own wine delivery service. And Winc Wine Delivery is just what the sommelier ordered.

The service provides high-quality wine from around the world for half the price. Winc’s wine aficionados handpick delicious, top-of-the-line wine catered specifically to your tastes and deliver them straight to your door. You don’t even have to throw on some sweats and make a mad dash for the nearest liquor mart whenever you’re running low on your supply. Just open your front door and — voila — the wine’s right there at your feet.

For only $26 (50 percent off the original $52 price tag) you get four bottles of primo vino; each bottle comes with their own flavor notes, vineyard backstories, and food pairing ideas. Wait — vineyard backstories??? That’s too cute. We didn’t even know we wanted that until just now.

Simply go to the Winc website and answer some questions about your taste in wine, or say to hell with that and pick some bottles from their extensive collection. Oh, and did we mention shipping is free? Did we also mention you’re getting a top-shelf bottle for less than $7 with this deal? You’re welcome.

Get Primo Vino for Extra Cheapo With Winc Wine Delivery
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