Why Jeremy Allen White Wants to Hold Hands With Zac Efron

Jeremy Allen White joins forces with Zac Efron, Lily James, Harris Dickinson, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman in the biographical drama The Iron Claw, portraying the true story of the renowned Von Erich wrestling family. Amidst promotional efforts for the film, White spilled a major secret about him and one of his fellow cast members.

He’s never seen ANY of the High School Musical movies!

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“I haven’t seen those films. I have not seem them,” he told Just for Variety with Marc Malkin. “Sorry, Zac. I will. I will watch them.”

We are unsure what rock White has been living under, but we are eager for him to experience the series’ wonder soon. Nonetheless, The Bear actor does lay down a condition before diving into the experience.

“Only if Zac holds my hand through them,” he said. Okay, but that is our dream too! Malkin went on to joke about how they could turn the night into an event for charity and White agreed. “Just film Zac and I, fingers interlaced in a theater, watching the three… it’s three films?”

Yup! Almost seven hours of musical magic. Can we come??

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About The Iron Claw

The Iron Claw unfolds the captivating true story of the Von Erich brothers, legendary figures in the world of professional wrestling. Starring Jeremy Allen White, Zac Efron, Lily James, Harris Dickinson, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the film delves into the lives of these iconic siblings who left an indelible mark on the wrestling landscape. The Von Erich brothers, hailing from a family of famous wrestlers, faced both triumphs and tragedies, with their journey marked by success, heartbreak, and the unique dynamics of family in the wrestling business. As the film explores the highs and lows of their careers, audiences can anticipate a cinematic experience that not only celebrates their achievements but also sheds light on the personal challenges they encountered, making The Iron Claw a compelling and emotionally charged portrayal of wrestling history.

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Why Jeremy Allen White Wants to Hold Hands With Zac Efron
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