Watch the Seductive Trailer for Queer Drama ‘Mary & George’

Get ready to dive into a tale of cunning plans and bold ambitions with Nicholas Galitzine and Julianne Moore in the sizzling new trailer for Mary & George. This isn’t your ordinary period drama. It’s a story that breaks all the rules, and it’s coming to Sky Atlantic with more twists and turns than ever before.

Things are heating up!

A Queer Power Play

Nicholas Galitzine dazzles as George Villiers, aiming to charm his way up. He targets King James VI, portrayed by Tony Curran, eyeing royal favor. George isn’t solo in his quest. His mother, Mary, played by Julianne Moore, orchestrates from behind, urging George to amplify their family’s stature.

A Mother’s Ambition

Mary is a force to be reckoned with in this new look at the series. She’s climbed her way up, leaving no stone unturned and no route to power unexplored. Her eyes are set on the ultimate prize: becoming one of the king’s most trusted confidants. But how far will she go to protect her family’s name and secure their future?

The Plot Thickens

The new trailer reveals the desperate stakes at play. Mary admits to owning nothing, her children are unmarried, and their social standing is on thin ice. Her plan? To make George the king’s indispensable companion, ensuring their rise to the top. Scenes show Mary and George’s seductive quest for power, featuring steamy encounters and alliances.

“Give the King whatever he wants,” Moore says in the trailer. And she means… WHATEVER he wants.

Risky Business

As the plan unfolds, we see George and Mary navigating the treacherous waters of court politics, where power and desire collide. The trailer teases thrilling moments of passion, betrayal, and ambition, all set to the electrifying tune of The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Mary and George are clearly playing a dangerous game, but they are determined to win.

Star-Studded Cast and Crew

Mary & George boasts an impressive lineup, including Nicola Walker, Niamh Algar, Trine Dyrholm, and Sean Gilder, with Adrian Rawlins, Samuel Blenkin, and Rina Mahoney adding to the stellar cast. DC Moore of Killing Eve fame penned the show, and Oliver Hermanus directed it, promising a riveting watch.

Mark Your Calendars

Don’t miss out on this audacious journey through power, passion, and politics. Sky Atlantic and NOW will premiere Mary & George on March 5.

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