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Tyler Posey Talks Making out With Men on ‘Now Apocalypse’

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Tyler Posey opened up about his work on Now Apocalypse, and it’s steamy.

Tyler Posey, 27, found fame on the hit supernatural TV show Teen Wolf. Now, he returned to the small screen in Gregg Araki’s exciting new Starz series Now Apocalypse. Posey, who identifies as straight, portrays Gabriel, the love interest for the show’s lead, Ulysses (Avan Jogia).

“I was excited to play a gay character because I’m really comfortable with my sexuality,” Posey told  AOL.

He continues: “I think it’s cool that somebody could see me on the show and say, ‘Hey, that kid is comfortable with his sexuality, and he’s going all for it, and that can inspire me to love myself.’”

Posey also addressed the continuing debate about straight actors playing queer roles had this to say: “Does that mean that gay people are only limited to play gay roles and can’t play straight roles? It puts lines and barriers around what we’re trying to portray on the show of being fluid and open and everyone is accepted.”

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He continues, “I’ve been acting since I was a kid and I think I always just saw acting for what it is.”

Before taking on the character, Posey and his team went out of their way to ensure he was confident with the role.

He remembers: “Honestly, I had a conversation with my reps before, and they were like, ‘Look, if you feel uncomfortable on set at all — there’s a lot of nudity — give us a call,’ and I was like, ‘I think I’m going to be okay.’”

“As soon as I committed to the project, I was all in. I’m shoving my tongue down some dude’s throat, and I don’t know how much else I can say, but we jerked off in the alley in the first episode. Bring it on.”

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Tyler Posey Talks Making out With Men on ‘Now Apocalypse’
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