Tom Daley’s SeaWorld Transformation Has Jaws

A photo of Tom Daley with body paint to make him look like a shark.
Photo: Jonathan Macauley/PA

ICYMI, openly gay Olympic diver Tom Daley teamed up with SeaWorld to support sharks and their need for a healthy ecosystem.To transform Daley into a shark, body art specialists spent four hours applying water-based paint to his chiseled physique.

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In addition to the body paint commitment, Daley explained his support for the cause stating:

I’ve always been really fascinated by sharks. They’re incredible marine animals, but not always in the news for the right reasons.

Despite high profile news stories, the percentage of people hurt by sharks is very low relative to the millions of people who swim and spend time in the ocean. Sharks play a vital role to the health of the ocean. They keep fish populations balanced and protect habitats. Without sharks, the health of the ocean ecosystem would completely change.

The greatest threat to sharks comes from humans and millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins and as commercial fishing bycatch.

While Daley fans appreciate his effort to support marine life, they hate SeaWorld.

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