Studly Marines Strip to Fight PTSD

Studly marines strip down to fight PTDS.

A squadron of active military and veterans walked from Mission Beach to La Jolla to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

And, they made the trek wearing only camo-green silkies and combat boots.

A group of studs known as the Irreverent Warriors organized the fourteen-mile walks. The founders, Danny Maher and Ryan Loya, posted a heartfelt description of the group on their website.

“We are combat veterans who choose to tell our stories in the same manner that we’d tell them in a living room with our best bros. We choose to express our dark humor and let our terrible jokes fly like eagles, all in an effort to get combat vets to laugh, get together, and stop fucking killing themselves.”

Studly marines strip to fight PTSD.

The group welcomes civilians to walk beside the veterans, in support of those “who are dealing with demons from combat.” In addition to marching for a wonderful cause, these studmuffins looked incredibly hot rolling around in the surf and frolicking in the sand.

Studly marines strip to fight PTSD.To learn more about upcoming Irreverent Warrior events, click here.

H/T: Instinct magazine

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