‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Guy and Husband Star in Sprint’s Holiday Ad

Spring holiday ad features 'Can you hear me now?' guy and his husband

“Can you hear me now?” is arguably one of the most quotable slogans in the history of advertising. From 2002 to 2011, Paul Marcarelli was the Flo of Verizon Wireless, and “Can you hear me now?” was his iconic cat. This year, Sprint hired Marcarelli as their spokesperson, and some of their collaborations have garnered ample attention.

As part of Sprint’s #TisTheSeason holiday campaign, Marcarelli and his husband, Ryan, (yes, he’s gay!) help make the Yuletide gay. In the commercial, the adorable couple shops for the perfect Christmas tree. In the spot, the husbands compare the prices of seemingly identical trees.

Although Marcarelli is open about his sexuality, he wasn’t always comfortable with being out to the public. In a 2011 interview with The Atlantic, Marcarelli explained that he was harassed with gay slurs and feared coming out publicly. Clearly, he’s overcome his fears.

H/T: Washington Blade

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