Should You Manscape Your Bush?

This is a photo of a natural body hair.
Freddy Krave

It’s an age-old question: Should you shave your pubes? The grooming practice could have started with the ancient Egyptians; they considered pubic hair uncivilized and removed it using razors made of flint or bronze.

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In a recent a study published by Cosmopolitan, researchers claim 95 percent of men trim or shave their body hair. Clearly, the practice of manscaping is alive and well, especially in the gay community.

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According to the ASAP Science video below, 69 percent of females and 87 percent of males had either “partially or completely removed public hair within the past month.”

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From waxing to shaving, having a clean workspace is becoming an obsession for men, gay and straight. But, the question still persists: Should you shave your pubes or maintain a full bush? Watch the video below and find out!

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