Scott Eastwood Forgot to Put on Underwear

Everyone knows who Scott Eastwood is, and the gay community is completely in love. 

The Suicide Squad star is shirtless a lot (and who could blame him). He has a rocking body, killer abs and a face that makes all the WeHo boys weak in the knees. But, now we have something new to feast our eyes on. No, it’s not his perfectly perky nipples, his sun kissed skin or that gorgeous blond hair. Yes, it’s swinging between his legs, and from the looks of it, he’s pretty big.

This 29-year-old decided to put most of his buff body on display and hit the streets sans undies. Recently, he popped up in Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” video and that was hot enough. Now he’s showing off the goods!

We know what you’re going to say — big deal! And, you’re absolutely right. It appears to be a very big deal. Get a closer look at the model/actor’s rarely spotted pole and flip through the photos below!

This is a photo of Scott Eastwood.

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