Prince Harry Got Tested for HIV on Facebook Live

This is a photo of Prince Harry getting an HIV test.

Two weeks ago, Prince Harry used Facebook Live to broadcast his experience getting tested for HIV. It was probably the coolest thing any member of The Royal Family has done in years — besides being Royal, of course.

The handsome Prince has always been an advocate for HIV prevention and treatment, and in front of nearly 2.3-million viewers, he explained the importance of getting tested. Even he, one of the cutest Princes in the world, was nervous to receive his results.

“It’s completely normal for me — even if I’m not from this part of London, or, ah, the, you know, being the person that I am and the people that I end up being around, I’m still, I’m still sitting, I’m sitting here and I’m still nervous,” he said.

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It was great to watch, especially his conversation with the medical practitioner for those of us watching. He goes further to explain that even if he did contract HIV (his results indicated he’s HIV negative), he’d take daily medication and hope his potentially HIV-negative partner was not afraid of the virus.

After the video, the Terrence Higgins Trust, a nonprofit that is launching a pilot program of at-home HIV self-testing kits, saw a fivefold increase in orders.

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“So whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever—even ginger,” he says in the video, pointing to his head, “why wouldn’t you come have a test?”

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