President Obama OUT Magazine Cover Hits Newsstands

President Obama OUT Magazine Cover Hits Newsstands
Photo: Ryan Pfluger

LGBT publications had a big year. And, we’re not just talking about Gayety (we launched in May and are growing up fast). With celebrities coming out and the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality (thanks, SCOTUS), queer publications have been extremely busy. Today, OUT magazine announced the cover for their 21st OUT100.

No, it’s not Miley Cyrus, Caitlyn Jenner, or that girl from Twilight. It’s the President Barack Obama. That’s right, POTUS is on what will likely become the most controversial cover of any magazine this year.

According to OUT’s editors, President Obama is not one of the the OUT100 honorees (duh, he’s not LGBT). Instead, the President Obama OUT magazine cover celebrates an ally, icon and hero. Read OUT’s interview with President Obama on

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