Pop Star Comes Out In Gay Music Video

Are you familiar with Tooji? He’s an Iranian singer who’s ridiculously popular in Norway, where he lives. The Norwegian star recently came out as gay in a super sexy music video that features gay sex in a church. The video, which shows Tooji having “gay sex” with a priest, infuriated the Church of Norway and motivated the bishop of Oslo to release a statement. The Huffington Post kindly translated the statement:

“No matter what the video’s message might be or who the artist might be, footage of intimate scenes in front of the altar is unacceptable, and it is an abuse of the church. I was informed about the matter after they decided to rent out Frogner Church and had done the shoot. No matter what the content of the video might be, it is not acceptable to perform these types of scenes in front of the altar. It is a misuse of the holy room of the church.”

The bishop stated that he would feel the same way if it were a man and a woman having simulated sex in front of the alter and that his feelings aren’t direct towards the gay sex act.

“A scene shot between a man and a woman would also be unacceptable. What has happened breaks several rules of the church. Besides this, I would not comment any further on the matter.”

In response to the bishop’s statements, Tooji created a video that discusses the point of his gay sex scene and his hopes for equality.

“I want to stand out as an example and let my voice be heard for all those voices mute, for all those who feel ashamed with their beliefs, that are told that God doesn’t accept them.”

“Let me tell you: You are a part of God and what you have is the purest gift. Any love between two grown-up, consenting adults — no matter gender, no matter race — is pure … I am gay and I stand up for my rights and that is why I made the video ‘Father.'”

H/T: Huffington Post

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