Meet Soraya Doolbaz, NYC’s Phallic Fashion Photographer

This is a photographer Iranian-Canadian photographer Soraya Doolbaz in New York City.

In the social dating world, sexy selfies have become the standard of visual communication. Soraya Doolbaz, an Iranian-Canadian photographer in New York City, found inspiration in phallic photography and carved a niche for what proved to be a successful endeavor.

The New York Post published a mini-documentary chronicling a day in the life of Doolbaz. The video, which was produced by documentarian Sofian Khan, explores her studio, models and the Dicture Gallery.

Doolbaz describes her photography perfectly on her website: “My project is called Dicture Gallery and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Dick pictures. But these aren’t just your regular dick pics. These are dick pics with a twist! It’s an artistic take on an otherwise alluring modern dating tactic.”

What the twist in Doolbaz unique photography? Watch the video below and find out!

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