Lazoschmidl's Calendar Serves 90’s Heartthrob Hotness

Lazoschmidl’s Calendar Serves 90’s Heartthrob Hotness

Lazoschmidl / William Baker

Lazoschmidl released a 2020 calendar and it’s fire.

Swedish-German non-binary brand Lazoschmidl, a champion of queer style, enlisted photographer William Baker to shoot their new calendar. The calendar features several stunning men modeling various pieces from the Lazoschmidl S/S 20 collection for each month.

Lazoschmidl is known for challenging norms and breaking fashion standards, all while preserving a striking queer vibe. Unsurprisingly, the S/S 20 collection delivers on expectations. In a campaign throbbing with 90’s nostalgia, Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl created a “rebellion” against the typical high school social tropes.

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The calendar references such conventions, but connects them with tongue-in-cheek homoeroticism and neon colors, effectively presenting a queer variant of these old stereotypes.

Lazo and Schmidl’s creations are the outcome of fashion and literature colliding, as their work is inspired by the writings and photographs in their self-published fanzine. Lazoschmidl’s clothing has been embraced by several queer artists, including Troye Sivan, and was most recently worn by Harry Styles in his music videos for “Lights Up”.


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Lazoschmidl’s Calendar Serves 90’s Heartthrob Hotness
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