Joe Locke Shares Advice on Coming Out: “Just Be You”

Heartstopper actor Joe Locke is making waves not just on screen but in the hearts of fans everywhere.

The star, known for bringing to life the beloved Charlie Spring in the series adaptation of Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper comics, is opening up about his own journey.

The Netflix series is one that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer all at the same time. It’s a coming-of-age tale that has captured the attention of everyone, both queer and straight, proving love and friendship know no bounds. Fans worldwide have praised it for its relatable storylines and diverse characters.


Speaking to the Just for Variety podcast, Locke spoke about the show’s impact as well as his life outside of Heartstopper.

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“I do see the impact the show, and us as a cast being unapologetically us, has had on people, but I think I’m just living my life,” he said. Locke came out as queer last year during an interview with Teen Vogue.

“People have assumed and written it, and I haven’t ever corrected anyone because I haven’t felt the need to,” Locke told the outlet. “But I’ve never specifically stated my sexuality.” 

Later in the article, he revealed for the first time that he is indeed gay and has known since he was nine years old. 

“I’ve never been someone to apologize for who I am, and I don’t think anyone should ever do that.” Locke continued.

His approach to life? Just be you, without excuses or apologies.

Credit: Instagram/@joelocke03

Advice from the Heart

And for anyone struggling with their identity, Joe has some heartfelt advice: “Just be you. Everyone’s experience is different… I have an amazing group of people around me, but, yeah, just be you. That’s all you can be.” It’s a simple yet powerful reminder that being true to oneself is the key to happiness.

What’s Next for Heartstopper?

Curious about what’s coming up in Heartstopper? Joe teases a third season that promises to be a bit more grown-up, hinting at more complex and mature themes. With words like “raunchier,” “darker,” “grown-up, hormonal, and growth,” it sounds like fans are in for an exciting ride.

Joe Locke, through Heartstopper and his personal journey, is a beacon of hope and inspiration. His message is clear: live your truth, love who you love, and never apologize for being you. As we eagerly await more heartwarming (and heart-stopping) moments from Joe and the gang, let’s take his advice to heart. After all, in the world of Joe Locke and Heartstopper, love is the real superhero.

Up next, Joe is set to dazzle us again in Marvel’s upcoming show, Agatha: The Darkhold Diaries, where he’ll share the stage with stars like Patti LuPone, Kathryn Hahn, and Aubrey Plaza.

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Joe Locke Shares Advice on Coming Out: “Just Be You”
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