Jasmin Savoy Brown Almost Spoiled the ‘Scream VI’ Ending

Do the thrills of the Scream movies transpire from viewers’ attempt at unmasking the Ghostface killer before the inevitable monologue in the epic conclusion? Or is it more about the terrifying events that lead up to that final moment? Either way, the movie will not have as much impact if the killer’s identity is spoiled. So imagine the fear actress Jasmin Savoy Brown was experiencing when she thought she did just that.


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Jasmin Savoy Brown Almost Left Her Script in a Coffee Shop

During our interview with the Scream actress for the highly anticipated Scream VI film, Brown recounted the time she felt true terror.

“I did something real stupid,” she began. “I like to have a printed copy of the script, and I read it at a coffee shop in LA, and I thought I left it there.”

Imagine, you sit down with your usual morning cup of joe and see Scream VI printed on the top of a stack of papers. do you read it? Luckily, Brown managed to avoid pulling a Tom Holland and did bring the script with her home.

“I didn’t leave it there. I had it paramount, but I thought I did, and I was scared.”

Honestly, I think spoiling a Scream film before its release might be worse than a face-off with Ghostface. But that is just my opinion. Both stars then pondered the aftermath the studio would have to face if the plot did get leaked before production even began.

Gooding on the other hand opted to read his at home on his computer.

“But what is safer digital or physical copy? I read mine digitally from the safety of my home. So I had no worry of leaving it physically. But… I don’t know how many laptops I’ve signed in my email too.”

“Exactly,” Brown chimed in.


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Mindy Meeks-Martin is Our Queer Icon

For those who want to know the plot, you’re in luck. Scream VI, set in New York City, is now in theaters. Brown and Gooding return as the beloved Meeks-Martin twins alongside sisters Tara and Sam Carpenter (played by Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera). Mindy Meeks-Martin is the slasher movie buff just like her uncle Randy and the first proud queer character to be introduced in the franchise. Though there were hints at her sexuality in the previous Scream movie, this time around, there’s no hiding it. Mindy has a girlfriend!

“I think Jasmine’s potential romantic proclivity in the movie, I think is the most exciting from a culture standpoint,” Gooding said in the interview. Not only is Mindy a queer character who has survived against Ghostface once, now she returns with her own love interest?! We cannot wait to see what she does next.

“It’s super exciting and can’t wait to hear everybody’s responses to that.”

"Scream" Cast Talks Why Ghostface is a Horror Icon

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Watch the full interview with Jasmin and Mason below and see Scream VI now in theaters.

Jasmin Savoy Brown Almost Spoiled the ‘Scream VI’ Ending
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