Jake DuPree Talks Burlesque


Boylesque babe Jake DuPree is determined to please with his striptease.

On this episode of the Pride podcast, host Levi Chambers explores the art of burlesque with boylesque babe Jake DuPree.

Although he’s been dancing professionally for years, DuPree is relatively new to the burlesque scene. He first took to the stage in September of 2018 and has gained a lot of attention for his gender-bending stripteases. In solidarity with his female colleagues, DuPree performs in feminine lingerie while showing off his masculine physique.

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In the episode, you’ll learn the history of burlesque and sneak a peek at DuPree’s take on the women-dominated art form.

“For me, burlesque means empowerment and representation of your own body and how you want to express that.”

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Jake DuPree Talks Burlesque
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