Isabela Merced Reveals Intense Chemistry with Bella Ramsey in ‘The Last of Us’ S2

Get ready, gamers and series buffs, because The Last of Us is taking things up a notch in its second season! This time around, we’re diving deep into the heart of a thrilling and romantic adventure featuring Isabela Merced and Bella Ramsey. Brace yourselves for a journey filled with danger, love, and, you guessed it, zombies!

A New Love Blooms Amidst Chaos

Merced, the superstar behind Dina, is all set to steal the show as Ellie Williams’ (played by Ramsey) new love interest. Imagine trying to find love when scary, fungus-infected creatures overrun the world. Talk about a challenging first-date scenario! But Dina and Ellie aren’t just any ordinary couple; they’re on a mission to survive with Ellie’s protector, Joel (portrayed by the ever-charming Pedro Pascal), by their side.

And the chemistry between Dina and Ellie is about to heat up.

Merced Talks Romance

Filming has kicked off, and the excitement is through the roof! Merced shared with ET Online that she’s “beyond excited” about joining the adventure. After just one day on set, it’s clear that the chemistry between her and Ramsey is electric. It’s like they’ve been besties for years!

Not to mention, Merced’s got more up her sleeve, as she’s set to soar as Hawkgirl in the upcoming Superman: Legacy. Talk about a busy year!

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Fan-Favorite Romance Comes to Life

Both Merced and Ramsey are pumped to bring their characters’ romance to the screen. Ramsey, who uses they/them pronouns, expressed their eagerness to PinkNews, reminiscing about how The Last of Us caught their eye even before joining the show. It’s all about exploring love and relationships in the most unexpected places.

Season One: Breaking Barriers

Let’s not forget the groundbreaking first season, which was a smash hit, thanks to its incredible LGBTQ+ representation. From Ellie and Riley’s tender moments to the deeply emotional storyline of Bill and Frank, The Last of Us proved that love knows no bounds, even in the face of a zombie apocalypse.

What’s Next?

With new faces like Kaitlyn Dever, Young Mazino, and Catherine O’Hara joining the fray, season two is shaping up to be an epic blend of action, emotion, and, of course, epic romance. Stay tuned for a season that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Isabela Merced Reveals Intense Chemistry with Bella Ramsey in ‘The Last of Us’ S2
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