How to Flirt Fearlessly in Four Easy Steps

Gay men on the beach.

With the increase and accessibility of online interactions happening today, we noticed guys are forgoing the flirt for a more, shall we say, direct approach. It seems something is missing from the millennial generation who now use apps and emojis to connect, rather than a coy conversation in person.

We know what you’re thinking, but the Gayety office is comprised primarily of people in the millennial generation, so we have it on good authority that gay guys have given up on flirting!

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We had to wonder why. For some people, flirting can be fun foreplay while playing the field, but for others, flirting evokes an overwhelming amount of fear. Why? Because most men never figure out the fine art of flirting.

For that reason, we felt a responsibility to refuel those who are afraid to flirt. We found four fool-proof steps to flirting fearlessly — these steps can be used alone or in combination with another action. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts nor cheat codes so pay attention.

1. Make Eye Contact

Imagine this. You’re across the bar and see someone who strikes your fancy, but how do you get his attention? You’ve got to give the eye. It’s harmless. No need to be nervous — just give him a gaze and hold his attention for a few seconds, so he knows you noticed him.

2. Crack A Smile

Seriously, a smile is super sexy, so after making eye contact give your guy a little grin. When smiling, it’s okay to keep it small; it doesn’t have to be ear-to-ear — just crack the corners of your mouth and raise your eyebrows a little, so he knows the look was intended for him.

3. Give A Compliment

Alright, it’s time to talk. But don’t worry, if it’s not forced, you won’t fumble over your words. It’s as simple as showing excitement for his shirt or complimenting his phone case. Everyone likes admiration, and it’s a casual catalyst for conversation.

Gay couple kissing.

4. Touch Him

Now you’re going to make your move. If he’s still engaged after the stare, smirk, and subtle seduction, then this next step is simple. You have to touch him, but you don’t want to get too handsy. Like all the steps before, this is a small gesture intended to gauge interest.

Finally, the last step ….

Get Out Of Sight

You made it through one or more of the four steps, so it’s time to excuse yourself. Either it went well, and you’re ready to see where it goes, or you need to find the next guy. Either way, it’s important to remove yourself.

If it went well, watch where his eyes go when you walk away. Is he trying to spot where you stopped? This is a good indicator he interested, in which case, you want to buy him another drink before walking back over.

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Maybe it didn’t go as planned; that’s okay. Lucky for you these steps are a safeguard meant to make gauging which guys to approach easier. Did he share his smile? Stare back? How did he react when you touched himAssessing these areas will allow you to enter each interaction with even more insight, making it easy to flirt fearlessly.

This is a photo of a gay couple on a date.

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