How ‘One Margarita’ Went From a Freestyle Accident to a Viral Queer Anthem

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In a recent interview, Angel Laketa Moore, widely known as That Chick Angel, shed light on the captivating story behind the summer hit “One Margarita.” From viral freestyles to a star-studded music video, her journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Angel, a talented lyricist, took us back to where it all began. It started during a podcast called “Here’s the Thing,” which she co-hosts with her friend Kevin Fredericks. The podcast primarily covers pop culture, and one day, they stumbled upon a viral video of a minister delivering an abstinence speech at a college. This clip served as the spark of inspiration for the now-famous song. Angel recalls thinking, “This sounds like the seed of a rap song,” and decided to freestyle right then and there. What followed was unexpected; the freestyle was not only funny but had a catchy New Orleans bounce to it.

Angel posted the clip on TikTok, anticipating that someone would add a beat to it, and that’s exactly what happened. Carl Dixon (Casa Di) and Steve Terrell composed a beat and structured a full song using Angel’s freestyle. The clip began to go viral, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The song has been streamed more than eight million times and has hundreds of TikTok users, including me, using the audio to create lip-sync videos.

‘One Margarita’s Resounding Impact

However, what stands out in this journey is the unexpected inclusivity of the song. “One Margarita” became an anthem for people from all walks of life. Angel didn’t set out to make it a universal hit, but the song’s message of love and acceptance resonated with a broad audience, including the LGBTQ+ community.

“When we put out the song, the song I think hit DSPs or like hit, iTunes and hit Spotify on May 31st. So the day before Pride Week, I was super duper excited because I was like, I was seeing a lot of queer people use the song. And I do love the inclusiveness of the song, right? I love the fact that like we didn’t shy away. While I might not be someone who’s putting it in anybody’s bummer putting it in my own, there are people who do, and I’m not about to shame them because that’s how they get down.

“While I don’t think I set out thinking this will be the song that includes the whole diaspora of sexuality, I love the fact that that’s what it did. Because I know that’s not, that wasn’t the intention of the original sermon, but I do love that it got to be a part of the message that’s being received in the actual song.”

Saucy Santana Remix

Following the success of the song, Angel brought back Steve Terrell and Casa Di to create a new music video to encapsulate the steamy summer vibes of the track. Saucy Santana delivers a fiery rap verse that ignites summer clubgoers, while Cindy Crawford kicks off the music video by reimagining her ’90s Pepsi ad with a Casamigos margarita twist. Together, Angel and Saucy celebrate a hot girl summer, sending a message to all the ‘Sister Cindy’ types out there. Directed by Jake Wilson, the video showcases them living their best lives at Silver Lake’s El Cid restaurant, with surprise cameos including Casa Di and Steve Terrell as smitten bartenders, TikToker Terri Joe as a lively server, and even Angel’s husband, Marcus Tanksley. It’s an unforgettable summer sensation you won’t want to miss!

Angel Talks Success of “One Margarita”

Reflecting on her journey, Angel emphasized the importance of not selling oneself short and pursuing dreams, no matter how old they may be. This experience has shown her that dreams don’t have expiration dates, and she’s now ready to explore a new chapter in her artistic journey.

“For me, specifically being that I say I’m not a spring chicken, you know, I’ve been here for a little bit. Um, this, while this was not something I set out to do in 2023, or actually I can stay in adult life being, like a musician, being an artist in the music industry has always been like a quiet dream of mine. Not one that I, like I say out loud seriously, because of, of just feeling like, you know, I don’t fit in. I don’t know if I can do it. It’s amazing to me at the age that I am that I can still make dreams come true.

“So that’s the bigger part I feel like of this whole journey for me that I’m loving and I’m glad that I’m getting the chance to show up for myself.”

“One Margarita” is more than just a catchy song; it’s a testament to the power of creativity, inclusivity, and the unexpected twists that life can bring. Angel Nikita Moore’s journey from viral freestyle to sensation is a reminder that dreams can come true when you least expect them. Cheers to Angel and her journey to the top!

Watch the full interview with Angel Laketa Moore below.

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How ‘One Margarita’ Went From a Freestyle Accident to a Viral Queer Anthem
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