Hockey Fans Cheer for Gay Couple Smooching on Kiss Cam

This is a photo of a gay couple kissing at a hockey game.

The Los Angeles Kings’ kiss cam just got a lot hotter. The kiss cam, a tradition started in California during the 1980s, at Staples Center is gay-friendly. At a recent game, Brad Parr and Andy Evans, a same-sex couple, were caught off guard by the kiss-cam while cheering for their home team. The moment was caught on video by other spectators, and one of the videos has more than 100,00 views!

In recent years, the kiss-cam avoided queer couples cheering on their favorite teams, but sports teams are starting to embrace same-sex couples and their smooching. In 2011, the first notable queer couple caught on the kiss-cam occurred during a San Francisco Giants game, and four years later, Dodger Stadium caught a queer kiss on camera, too. We’re making progress!

Congrats, Brad and Andy!

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