‘Nurse Jackie’ Star Comes Out as Gay and a ‘Total Bottom’

Haaz Sleiman Comes Out as Gay and a 'Total Bottom'
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“Not only am I gay, but I’m also a bottom.”

Haaz Sleiman, 41, best known for his work on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie, has come out as gay. To fight bigotry, Sleiman also announced that he’s a “total bottom.”

To send a message to anti-LGBT people, the Lebanese-American came out in a sharply-worded video, which he uploaded to Facebook. Sleiman decided to post the video after learning that the number of people killed for being LGBT in 2017 surpassed the 2016 count.

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“I am a gay, Muslim, Arab-American man. And I’m going to take it even further: Not only am I gay, but I’m also a bottom. Not only am I a bottom, but I’m also a total bottom which means I like it up you know where,” he stated.

“I say this to all the homophobes living in the United States of America and across the globe: If you ever come to me, to kill me just because I’m gay, I will destroy you. I might be gay and I might be a nice guy, but don’t get it twisted, because I will fuck you up,” he said.

Watch the video below.

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