Fan-Made Video Gives Troye Sivan Song More ‘Bite’

This is a photo from the Troye Sivan fan-made music video called ‘Don’t Bite.’

Troye Sivan is known for his beautiful voice and stunning music videos. But this fan-made video takes Sivan’s “BITE” to the next level, dripping with sweat and horny AF.

Now, before you watch the video, you might want to shut your office door, or grab a pair of headphones and head to the bathroom. Seriously, it’s really really hot.

Directed and edited by Chán André, “DON’T BITE” follows two studs (Matt McCall + Sean Patrick Parnell) as try desperately not to bite each other. The video’s description summarizes it perfectly: When attraction meets action. “Kiss me on the mouth and set me free.. but please Don’t Bite!”

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