Dylan Mulvaney Celebrates Two Years of Girlhood With New Song

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Dylan Mulvaney is throwing a big celebration for her second “girlhood” anniversary with a catchy new song called “Days of Girlhood.” It’s all about the fun and beauty of being a girl, and we’re here for it!

From TikToks to Tunes

When Dylan opened up about her journey, she used TikTok to let everyone in on her life changes. Her “Days of Girlhood” videos were a hit, showing her journey and all the new things she was experiencing.

Overcoming Challenges

Dylan’s had her share of tough times in the spotlight, like a big fuss over a beer ad that led to extreme backlash. But she kept her head high, focusing on spreading love and support for the trans community, proving she’s all about positivity.

A Song to Remember

“Days of Girlhood” isn’t just any song. It’s a celebration of Dylan’s journey and a big high-five to her own femininity and happiness. She even said the song was inspired by those feel-good romantic comedies from the early 2000s. How cool is that?

Dylan chose her transition anniversary to drop this track, teaming up again with the Trevor Project to spread even more love. She’s super thankful for her fans who’ve been there through it all, and she hopes her song brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Standing Strong with Friends

Dylan also got a shoutout on International Women’s Day, posing with none other than Lady Gaga. Some folks weren’t too kind about it, but Gaga stood up, calling out the hate for what it was and supporting Dylan all the way.

Here’s to More Girlhood

We’re all excited to see what’s next for Dylan Mulvaney. With her spirit and joy, the next 20 years of girlhood are looking pretty bright. Way to go, Dylan!

Dylan Mulvaney Celebrates Two Years of Girlhood With New Song
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