Righteous Torrence Chevy Hill

Black Trans Salon Owner Righteous Torrence “Chevy” Hill Killed in Atlanta

Where is the outrage for Chevy Hill and Black Trans lives?

Today I want to talk about Righteous Torrence “Chevy” Hill. As the owner of Evollusion, the first and only LGBT-dedicated full-service salon in Atlanta, Georgia, Hill was a pillar in his community. Tragically, he was killed in Atlanta on February 29. A beloved son, brother, partner, and father, his loss is deeply felt in Atlanta. It should also be deeply felt by his trans family everywhere. Unfortunately, reports of his death are scarce, and his story has gone largely untold online.

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A Backdrop of Loss

It feels like loss is becoming the norm. As we open our phones, queer and trans folks brace themselves for tragedy. This year has been no less devastating than years prior. In February we collectively mourned the loss of Nex Benedict, an Indigenous non-binary teen in Oklahoma. Now we watch in shock as the details of James Moen‘s disappearance and death come to light.

Likely, you’ve already heard about Nex’s death. His face was widely shared throughout social media and the conversations surrounding the circumstances of his death continue today. This level of anger and outrage is wholly justified. Nex’s death underscores the many failings of the school system as it pertains to trans youth. Not to mention the disproportionate amount of violence Indigenous folks are subject to in the United States.

Despite this, not all trans deaths are being reported equally. Hill’s death also underscores a systemic failure, one that deserves just as much outrage as Nex’s. Hill is the third Black trans person killed in Atlanta in a year. Ashley Burton and Rasheeda Williams were both killed in Atlanta last April.

Hill’s Death

The specifics surrounding Hill’s murder are yet to be fully disclosed. Hill, affectionately known to friends as “Chevy” and “TK,” was the visionary behind Evollusion, a salon dedicated to transforming the traditional barbershop experience into a sanctuary of affirmation and safety for young Black queer people. This mission was highlighted by the Atlanta-centered Black trans rights group, Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SnapCo), which recognized Hill’s efforts.

Chevy Hill from @snap4freedom on Instagram
@snap4freedom on Instagram

In a statement, SnapCo’s executive director Toni Michelle told Them, “As the specifics of Hill’s death are still unfolding, our focus is on supporting each other, his friends, and chosen family here in Atlanta as we process our grief.”

What Happens Now?

In the face of this loss and lack of recognition, disengaging entirely is easy. Moments like these call on us to stand in solidarity with those in mourning and take action to encourage meaningful change. We do this in honor of people like Chevy Hill.

Follow Black trans and queer activists and advocates who report on these stories, even when major media brands do not. Devin-Norelle, Yves Mathieu, Qween Jean, and Kayden X Coleman are a great place to start. Amplify these stories when you see them in any way you can. Donate and support organizations, like SnapCo, that work to protect Black queer folks.

Finally, you can sign SnapCo’s pledge to protect Black and trans people. Take in these words and commit yourself to protecting those most vulnerable to anti-trans violence.

Honoring Chevy Hill

Following Hill’s death, the salon expressed its grief on Facebook stating, “The kind words and shared memories makes our hearts smile and eases the pain. We know the awesome person Righteous was, but seeing the place he holds in you guys heart brings some joy to our difficult days.”

Model and activist Yves Mathieu took to Instagram to reflect on Hill’s life and legacy. Mathieu emphasized, “Growing up as young black queer boys/kids, the barbershop experience can sometimes be a tricky space to occupy, this was something that Chevy understood and wanted to cultivate a space of safety where you can also get the affirming look and style you want, and he did exactly that.”

Black Trans Salon Owner Righteous Torrence “Chevy” Hill Killed in Atlanta
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