Do Gay Men Have Their Own ‘Bro-Code’

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Is it possible that gay and bisexual men have their own “bro-code?” You know, a set of inherent expectations between dudes to keep their bro-bond strong? For straight men, the mantra “bros before hoes” is an unwritten rule to keep a fellow bro from nailing a former flame.

The concept got us wondering; do gay men have a “bro-mo code”? You know, something like “bros before bottoms,” or “dudes before dicks.”

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In our opinion (and experience), few things are considered off limits in the gay community. After all, the pickings can be slim, and if exes were off limits, we’d all be single. So what, if any, guidelines could help us gentlemen us to gauge whether or not we can hit it.

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Here are a few things we think you should review from the fine print of the bro-mo code:

Duration of Dating

So, you have a friend who recently broke up with his beau, and you want to swoop in to see what’s what. Well, we suggest the first thing you review is how long they were hooking up.

Examine the Encounters

You’re interested in someone you friend used to see. It’s important to inspect exactly what went on — was it a brief game of bury the bone, or a long term love affair?

Who Dumped Who?

Hey, we know what you’re thinking, but really … who dumped who? Did your friend do the dumping or did he get kicked to the curb? You don’t want to make a move on his man if he’s getting himself out of the gutter!

Is the Love Lost?

A couple you know called it quits, and you can’t wait for your chance to reel one of them in. First, consider the kind of conclusion to their relationship. Was it rough or did it end with well-wishes?

After assessing all these areas, you’ll have a better idea when and where it would be appropriate to ask your buddy about pursuing his past partner.

What do you think: Do gay men have their own bro-code?

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