Disney Star Karan Brar Comes Out as Bisexual – Talks Mental Health & Growth

Karan Brar – known for his roles in Disney Channel projects like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jessie, and Bunk’d – came out as bisexual in an emotional essay for Teen Vogue.

The latest article strives to unite Brar’s “public and personal personas,” shedding light on mental health and grief awareness. He also shares the story of moving out at 20 and ultimately coming out to his best friends one drunken night.

In 2019, the young actor moved in with fellow Jessie star Cameron Boyce and Sophie Reynolds. Brar describes how the move affected his Indian-American family, and how the freedom impacted him.

“It all came to a head while I was drunkenly hunched over a toilet bowl, watching my tacos from lunch and several White Claws come back out,” he wrote. “I decided that was the best time to come out to Cameron and Sophie.

“The moment the words left my mouth, I regretted it. I could barely see straight, but I ended up trying to do some damage control anyway. Brar offered to move out, but his roommates would not have it. “They interrupted me by hugging me from behind. Again, I told them I should move out. They told me I was being stupid. I told them I’d cover for them if people asked why we didn’t live together anymore. They said to shut the f*ck up. I told them that they probably hated me. They said my bisexuality changed nothing for them.”

It took a while for Brar to come to terms with the idea that his sexuality did not change how his loved ones saw him.

“This was the first time in years that I wasn’t hiding anything from them; instead, they were seeing the most authentic version of me. I finally gave up and accepted that they loved me as I am, as I’ve been, and as I’m going to be. This was a crisp picture of what unconditional love looked like: my two best friends sitting across from me on a discount couch, waiting to hear me describe my type so they could take on their new roles as matchmakers. They weren’t going anywhere.”

Brar’s Journey: From Grief to Growth

Tragically, Boyce passed away that same year. Brar vividly describes the impact of losing his friend and the toll it took on his mental health.

“I refused to acknowledge how much pain I was in and isolated myself in a deeply unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Almost every night was spent getting drunk by myself in order to cope.”

Eventually, Brar faced thoughts of suicide, leading him to seek help at a treatment center.”While in treatment, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Major Depressive Disorder.” Three years later, he is doing much better. “I’m finding my emotions to be much more manageable. I’m no longer drowning in the grief of losing Cameron. Rather, I’m in acceptance of grief being an ever changing experience I just have to see through.”

If you’re struggling or having thoughts of harming yourself, reach out for immediate support. The Trevor Project offers 24/7 crisis counseling via text, chat, or phone, accessible from anywhere in the U.S. It’s confidential and free. Your well-being matters—don’t hesitate to connect with someone who cares. TheTrevorProject.org/get-help

Disney Star Karan Brar Comes Out as Bisexual – Talks Mental Health & Growth
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