Diesel Proudly Advertising on Gay Dating Apps

This is a photo from Diesel’s new advertising campaign.

Diesel, an Italian fashion brand, announced they’re launching campaigns on popular dating apps like Grindr and adult websites like Pornhub.

Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti told i-D, “For us, we’re a sexy brand. To support the launch of our underwear line, we’re going to be the first brand to ever advertise on Grindr and we’re the first fashion brand to be working with Pornhub too. The message is simple: before you jerk off look at this.”

This is an advertisement from the new Diesel campaign.

Formichetti added:

“Our worlds, online and offline, are completely merged and I always want to reflect the world we live in, that’s how I approach Diesel. We’re a global brand and we need to talk to so many people, so we need to have that clear message but it should never just be about selling products. From race to body shapes, I want to celebrate difference and uniqueness whilst reflecting what’s happening in the world. I want to create a Diesel world in which everyone can be their true selves. Freedom is our flavor.”

From what we’ve seen (and we didn’t spend too long looking), the new campaign features an array of the brands products including underwear, jackets and shoes. But, we did notice an ad featuring Joe Jonas. Sadly, he was fully clothed.

This is a Diesel ad featuring Joe Jonas.

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