Demi Lovato Wrote ‘Cool for the Summer’ About a Famous Ex

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During a radio interview with Howard Stern, Demi Lovato revealed the inspiration behind her 2015 hit.

Demi Lovato is giving us a heart attack with this reveal! While making a guest appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Lovato decided to get candid about what their song “Cool for the Summer” is really all about.

“I was thinking about the hookups that I had had with a girl and decided to write this song,” she told the host.

Ever curious, Stern could not help but poke and prod on who the mystery girl was. Though Lovato was tight-lipped about the major details, she did reveal that the woman was also famous and that their relationship never went public.

As for whether or not the mystery woman knows the song is about her, Lovato says no. And she has no plans to change that.

“I’m in a relationship now and I feel like that would be inappropriate,” they said. “I missed the moment. Should’ve said it back then.”

The “Skin of My Teeth” singer is currently dating fellow musician Jutes. “Sometimes I write songs and I just leave them, let them be.” she concluded.

Demi Lovato Came Out to Their Parents While on a Plane

Though “Cool for the Summer” strongly hints at Lovato’s sexuality, she was not out when she released the track. Still, she told Stern she was not worried about the effects the song could have on her career.

“It was more so like coming to terms with it myself — I didn’t actually come out as bisexual until I was 24 or 25,” they said.

Fortunately, her coming out wasn’t influenced by work-related pressure. “I think coming from a Christian household made me nervous for that.”

Lovato said she came out to her parents while on a plane to her next gig. Luckily, they were incredibly supportive, with her mom telling her she only wanted her to be happy. Her stepfather even said her song helped him to realize Lovato’s sexuality.

“When I came out, my dad was like, ‘Yeah, you have a song called ‘Cool for the Summer,’ like it’s obvious.'”

Keeping Secrets

So, who is the mystery girl Lovato dated in the past? Lovato has been rumored to have had relationships with stars like Ruby Rose, Noah Cyrus, and even her Disney friend Selena Gomez. But we may never know who was so cool that summer. We do know Lovato can keep a secret, can you?

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Demi Lovato Wrote ‘Cool for the Summer’ About a Famous Ex
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