DC Cancels Comic With Groundbreaking Bisexual Robin

Credit: DC Comics

DC has pulled the plug on the “Tim Drake: Robin” comic after 10 editions.

Say it ain’t so! The comic book that brought heartwarming representation to the DC Universe is coming to an end. Tim Drake: Robin introduced the first bisexual Robin in the #4 issue of Batman: Urban Legends in 2021.

Then in 2023, queer comic fans rejoiced when the cover of the February issue revolved around Robin and Bernard sharing a passionate kiss.

However, the romance in the comic also sparked a heated debate about Robin’s history. Critics said the character’s bisexuality felt forced and was an unnecessary deviation from the character’s canon storyline. Others were also upset with the comic’s portrayal of the hero’s sexuality and thought it had become his only known characteristic.

Tim Drake Writer Shares Emotional Goodbye

Nevertheless, the series did not attract the desired audience size and was discontinued. Author Meghan Fitzmartin confirmed the news on Twitter in an emotional post titled, “On endings and beginnings.”

“It has been an incredible privilege to tell Tim Drake’s story. From Urban Legends, to Young Justice, to now, we have seen Tim Drake blossom and grow into himself, becoming even more of a hero not just for the crime he fights, but for the acceptance of self.”

Fitzmartin also thanked all of the dedicated fans of the series who shared their gratitude and love to the series over the last few years.

“I hope Timothy Jackson Drake’s journey has inspired you to tell your own story. That nothing is set in stone, we are the storytellers, the creators, the voices the world needs. Art is precious and powerful, and able to change hearts and minds, to transcend laws and borders. I can’t wait to read what you have in store.”

This news comes months after HBO Max cancelled Titans, the inclusive series which introduced Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo) in season three. In season four, fans were able to watch as sparks flew between Drake and Bernard, played by James Scully, before it ended.

“I’m incredibly grateful for their unyielding trust throughout this process,” said Titans showrunner Greg Walker. “Lastly, I have to thank our incredible fans for their continued support, engagement, and the passionate community they’ve built around our show. We have six episodes left to unleash upon the world that we hope will give our beloved characters the creative closure we all know they deserve.”

The second half of season four will premiere on April 13.

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DC Cancels Comic With Groundbreaking Bisexual Robin
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