Colton Underwood Talks Potential Queer Season of ‘The Bachelor’

A New Chapter for Reality TV?

Colton Underwood, the star of The Bachelor Season 23, recently shared insights with Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of an LGBTQIA+-focused season for the iconic dating show. With nearly two decades under its belt, The Bachelor and its spinoffs like The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise have become staples in reality TV, drawing in a diverse audience.

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Calls for Diversity

The idea of a gay Bachelor has been circulating among fans and producers alike. Underwood revealed that discussions have occurred, suggesting the franchise is listening to its audience’s call for more inclusivity. “I’ve had talks with some of the producers,” he said, pointing out the complexity of adapting the show’s traditional format to accommodate a gay lead.

Exploring New Formats

Underwood believes that while the established format of The Bachelor might present challenges, other dating shows like Love is Blind and The Ultimatum, which have featured queer seasons, could serve as models. “Our community is diverse, and we play by different rules,” Underwood explained, advocating for a specialized approach to a queer dating show.

Producer’s Take

The buzz around an LGBTQIA+ Bachelor season has been growing, especially following hints from executive producers Jason Ehrlich and Bennett Graebner. Speaking to Variety, Ehrlich wanted to showcase a broader spectrum of love stories, while Graebner noted ongoing discussions about introducing a gay lead.

Historical Moments

The franchise has made strides toward inclusivity in recent years. Demi Burnett’s proposal to Kristian Haggerty in 2019 marked Bachelor in Paradise’s first same-sex engagement. Additionally, Brooke Blurton’s role as the first openly bisexual lead on the Australian Bachelorette was a landmark for the series.

While introducing a gay Bachelor might be on the horizon, it’s clear that the conversations and potential adjustments to the beloved format are steps towards embracing a fuller representation of love and relationships in mainstream media.

Colton Underwood Talks Potential Queer Season of ‘The Bachelor’
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