Carl Nassib & Søren Dahl Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram


The Instagram saga unfolds as Carl Nassib and Søren Dahl hit the ‘unfollow’ button, giving us all the deets on their social media rollercoaster!

Nassib and Dahl’s Social Media Saga

In the world of sports and social media, a curious love story is taking an unexpected turn. Carl Nassib, a former National Football League (NFL) star, and Olympic swimmer Søren Dahl, who both proudly represent the LGBTQ+ community, are stirring up the internet. Their relationship, once a hot topic, now seems a whimsical mystery.

Credit: Instagram/@carlnassib

A Love Story Unfolds on Instagram

The duo made waves in September 2022, charming fans with a cozy Instagram debut. Initially playing it coy, Nassib and Dahl gradually opened up, sharing snippets of their bond online. They subtly confirmed their romance, becoming an admired power couple in the sports world.

Cryptic Moves and Instagram Clues

Fast forward to January 2024, and there’s a plot twist! Eagle-eyed followers noticed that Nassib and Dahl aren’t following each other on Instagram anymore. Nassib’s following list has shrunk to just two, including The Trevor Project and his app Rayze. Is this a strategic move or a new social media philosophy? Meanwhile, Dahl’s decision to unfollow Nassib is more conspicuous, given his extensive following list.

The Instagram Grid Tells a Tale

A quick peek at their Instagram pages reveals another clue: almost all photos of the duo together have vanished. Dahl’s page features a group photo with Nassib, but the tag is gone. Likewise, Nassib’s grid shows them together at a Trevor Project event, but again, no tag for Dahl. It’s like a social media magic act – now you see them, now you don’t!

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Waiting for the Official Word

While we don’t have official confirmation of a split, the signs point to a potential parting of ways. Nassib and Dahl are known for keeping things low-key online, so a dramatic announcement seems unlikely.

If it’s indeed the end of their romance, we’re sending positive vibes their way. Breakups can be tough, but sometimes, they’re a step towards personal growth and happiness. So, here’s to hoping Nassib and Dahl find joy and fulfillment on their journeys.

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Carl Nassib & Søren Dahl Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram
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