Dj Pedro Sampaio Comes Out

Brazilian Pop Star Comes Out; Says His Sexuality Is Open

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After weeks of speculation, Brazillian pop star DJ Pedro Sampaio is putting the rumors to bed. The Latin heartthrob opened up in a recent interview with G1 where he addressed the online discourse about his sexuality. In effect, the 24-year-old came out, although he says he doesn’t identify with a particular label. Instead, Sampaio is open and considered his sexuality to be fluid.

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Pedro Sampaio Comes Out

Sampaio is no stranger to the pressure that many celebrities face to adopt a label. “I think it’s so backward,” he says. “You are you, do what you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.” In the end, as Sampaio puts it, “people are always discovering, always changing.” Having said this, when asked directly, Sampaio did confirm that he is open to dating men as well as women.

The rumors about the star’s sexuality have been flying ever since Bi Visibility Day. Sampaio quote tweeted a selfie from bi singer Jão who was pictured in front of a mirror wearing a bi-Pride shirt. The shirt also featured Hannah Montana giving the peace sign, so we’re talking about several layers of bisexuality. Sampaio added three heart emojis in the colors of the bi-Pride flag with the tweet, and the rumors began in earnest.


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Is Pedro Sampaio Dating Pabllo Vittar?

This isn’t the only reason the internet has been talking about Sampaio. The star has been spending quite a bit of time with world-famous Brazillian drag queen Pabllo Vittar. The pair are pictured together all over Sampaio’s Instagram, in increasingly cozy circumstances. They even went as far as sharing a kiss on the Brazillian Multishow program Música Boa. Sadly, in the same G1 interview, Sampaio shot down any rumors that they were dating.

Their closeness may instead be a result of their recent project together. The pair released a new duet single called Sal which is available to listen to on Spotify. The video itself is also very queer and a nice break from the dreary winter months up here in the northern hemisphere. This is not Sampaio’s first time working with queer artists either. He has also worked with bisexual singer-songwriters Anitta and Luísa Sonza.

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Keep scrolling for some more photos to help you get familiar with Pedro Sampaio. Make sure to follow him to keep up with his new work.

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Brazilian Pop Star Comes Out; Says His Sexuality Is Open
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