Andrew Scott Says Being Gay is “The Greatest Joy of My Life.”

Award-winning actor Andrew Scott recently opened up about the joy of being gay and critiqued the term “openly gay” in an interview with Variety. Known for his roles in Fleabag and All Of Us Strangers, Scott expressed his love for his sexuality, calling it the “greatest joy” of his life.

Questioning the ‘Openly Gay’ Label

Discussing his role in Netflix’s Ripley, Scott shared his discomfort with the label “openly gay.” “It’s wonderful to talk about sexuality openly,” he said, “but straight people don’t have to explain or talk about their sexuality every time they go to work.” He finds the term “a little loaded,” questioning why being oneself should be seen as defiant. “The idea that I’m being defiant by just being exactly who I am… why wouldn’t you be open about it?” Scott added.

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Joy Amidst Media Narratives

Reflecting on media stories surrounding his recent films, Scott shared, “Sometimes I find it hard when you’re doing press because I feel so joyful and emancipated. It seems like I always want to talk about the difficulties I have with being gay when, actually, it’s the greatest joy of my life.” 

Defining Tom Ripley’s Sexuality


Scott also touched on his approach to his character in Ripley. He didn’t want to define Tom Ripley’s sexuality strictly. “I don’t think he would be comfortable in a gay bar or a straight bar. I think his sexuality is elusive to him,” he said. This nuanced take reflects Scott’s belief in complex, authentic character portrayals.

Addressing Identity Politics

The Sherlock star commented on the lack of gay content during his upbringing and the current era of identity politics. “We’re separating [one another] more than we need to. This hysteria about your sexuality…it just doesn’t seem truthful,” he remarked. Scott advocates for a more inclusive and less divided approach to discussing sexuality.

The Future of the Hot Priest

Despite his busy career, Scott teased fans about a potential return to his iconic “hot priest” role from Fleabag. “Of course, I’d return if Phoebe Waller-Bridge decided to make a third season. But she’s not going to,” he added, leaving fans hopeful yet realistic about the beloved character’s future.

Andrew Scott’s insights highlight the importance of authenticity and the joy of embracing one’s true self, offering a refreshing perspective on living openly and joyfully.

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Andrew Scott Says Being Gay is “The Greatest Joy of My Life.”
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