Model Strips in Time Square and Demands a Meeting With Trump

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Doesn’t Donald Trump make you want to get naked? No? Us, either. Krit McClean, a 21-year-old model, was recently arrested for running around Time Square stark naked while “demanding” to meet with Donald Trump, saying things like, “Donald Trump where the fuck are you?”

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Apparently, it took the NYPD more than an hour to apprehend the man who then began a belligerent tirade about modeling where he exclaimed, “I love fashion, it’s taught me so much!” Well, we are happy to hear you’re being educated, but we assume this is going to be a tough lesson to learn.

It was reported that the model began his unclothed catwalk on the corner of 46th street and 7th avenue, making it about a block Duffy Square where the standoff began.

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The NYPD addressed the incident and said “He [McClean] was extremely combative. He was spitting at us and swinging his arms.” Apparently, that wasn’t the only thing he was swinging around, but by the look of the photo, it wasn’t anything to fear.

Maybe McClean was just hangry; he is a model after all. Someone get this boy a burger, stat! Joking aside, we hope he’s okay. The model has since been taken to Bellevue and is in stable condition with minor injuries.

H/T: The New York Post


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