5 Moments From the Tom Daley Calendar Photo Shoot

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You probably have a Warwick Rowers calendar, because who doesn’t. But, now the Rowers have some competition. The 2016 Tom Daley calendar is bound to be one of the hottest Holiday gifts. Daley made headlines earlier this year when he partnered with SeaWorld to raise awareness for sharks. Remember that shoot? He was wearing nothing but paint … thought so.

While we’re sure his heart was in the right places, these photos will definitely be much better. Whether or not you agree with Daley’s decision to partner with one of the world’s most controversial animals parks, there’s no denying he’s absolutely adorable and deserves to be hanging  on your wall.

If you’re still not sold, flip through our five favorite moments from the Tom Daley calendar photo shoot.

Tom Daley with hand on shoulder

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