The Difference Between Gay and Straight Guys

Photo of a young man flexing.

While reading on Reddit, we found an interesting archived post. The post is titled  “What a year of living with two gay men has taught me about the differences between straight guys and gay guys.”

You might be wondering why this topic would be of interest. Well, we often reflect on the differences between straight and gay men, due to society’s segregation of sexuality. We are constantly confronted with stereotypes maintained through media representation of gay and straight men and their traditionally masculine or feminine attributes.

Keep in mind, most cliché characteristics are not contrived; they’re continuously reconstructed by society to reflect its expectation for our gender. One Redditor, ParasiteDan, didn’t understand why such distinctions are put on dudes just because of their gender preference. In fact, he eloquently wrote about his experience with his homosexual housemates lack of eccentricities. So what did he notice that sets some men apart from others? ParasiteDan wrote: “Gay guys have sex with other men. That’s all I got so far, I’ll update if I ever come up with anything else.”

Although he’s being witty, ParasiteDan’s critique of common misconceptions about gay men is spot on. We’re all different, and who we take home is just one tiny aspect of our identity. Right, ParasiteDan?

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