Stacy London Embraces Her Lesbian Identity: “There Aren’t Enough of Us”

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Fashion TV host Stacy London, the queen of makeovers, has unveiled a new chapter in her life, proudly coming out as a lesbian. This revelation comes five years after she introduced her partner, actress Cat Yezbak, in a cheeky Instagram post.

The Instagram Bombshell

London dropped the news of her relationship on New Year’s Eve 2019. Responding to whispers about her “hot butch girlfriend,” Yezbak, she wrote, “So, I used to date men. Now I date her. That’s it. That’s all I have to say.” Boom. Mic drop.

Recently, in an exclusive chat with US Weekly, London, now 55, opened up further about her journey. “I came out at 48,” she revealed. “I love the fact that people can say the words pansexual, bisexual, and have it be a spectrum. In the 50s and 60s, there was none of that. When I was growing up, there were none of those words that made people feel seen.”

Owning the Label ‘Lesbian’

But what does London call herself now? She didn’t hold back. “I feel like I want to say lesbian because there aren’t enough of us,” she stated. “It’s not just about one type of lesbian culture. I want people to see the spectrum, and so I identify as such.”

There’s a particular sting that comes with the word “lesbian.” For many, it carries decades of stigma and misunderstanding. By embracing this label, London is helping dismantle old stereotypes and illuminate the vibrant diversity within the lesbian community.

Others Speak Out

London’s journey is reminiscent of how actor/singer Reneé Rapp navigated her own sexuality.

“When you’re bisexual, you almost want to prove yourself, so I thought it was kind of that. But it came to be that, no, I’m actually just gay like that,” she told Them.

“‘Lesbian’ was not a good word for me to hear as a kid,” she says, “and now it’s something that I have such a close emotional connection to.”

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A Love Story for the Ages


London and Yezbak’s love story began like something out of a rom-com. They met at a fundraiser for Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial campaign. The moment was electric. Yezbak’s first words to London were, “Oh my God, you’re so beautiful.” London recalled, “I was like, OK, I don’t know what just happened here, but the electrical current that just went through my body is very interesting to me.” Their connection was instantaneous.

Meet Cat Yezbak

Cat Yezbak isn’t just the love of London’s life; she’s a talented stand-up comedian and actress known for How I Got Lost (2009), Parker & Maggie (2011), and The Impossibilities (2015). Together, they make a powerhouse couple, inspiring others with love and authenticity.

Stacy London’s journey is a powerful reminder that embracing your true self is never too late. By proudly identifying as a lesbian, she’s breaking down barriers and showing the world that love is love, no matter what.

Stacy London Embraces Her Lesbian Identity: “There Aren’t Enough of Us”
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