Christian Radio Host Warns Sleepovers Encourage Gay Sex

Linda Harvey, a Christian radio host and the founder of anti-LGBT Christian group Mission America, says teen boys should never be alone together. On the radio show From the Median, Harvey urged parents to avoid putting their teens in same-sex situations like sleepovers or summer camp. Her reasoning? They’ll fuck.

On the show, she said, “What happens is, any time there is any kind of same-sex environment … boys together, girls together, it attracts the people that would take advantage of them, and then it will be someone of the same sex, so access is what these people want.”

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Harvey took to her website to elaborate on her position, “If you promote sexual behavior to impressionable kids, more teens — especially those with fewer moral bearings — will say, ‘Why not?’”

“In same sex circles, homosexual hookups can become a daring adventure at campouts and sleepovers. Opportunity is everywhere that students of the same sex gather or socialize, and it’s one reason homosexuality has traditionally been taboo at schools, camps, and youth organizations.”

She continued, “They want access to youth and access even to corruption. It might not be sexual, but it might just be moral corruption of some kind. Their older peers who also are corrupted already. You know, so many kids are into pornography and homosexual pornography is part of that.”

“This is something to be very cautious about.”

“Kids are sexualized early online; you don’t even have to have somebody involved in it. So those may be the people that your kids are in a sleepover with or at camp with, you know, is these kids who are already highly sexualized and nobody may know it, but it’ll come out in the middle of the night.”

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In addition to her war on circle jerks, Harvey also demanded the election of a special counsel to analyze LGBT rights groups in the United States.

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She declared, “Now here’s something that deserves a special counsel, the outrageous actions of major homosexual groups trying to normalize this behavior throughout all of America.”

“They continue to twist the truth, blatantly engage in religious discrimination, demand that people lose jobs and corrupt children.”

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Defending her statement, she stated, “We oppose hijacking of school bullying programs to promote the harmful and deviant behaviors of homosexuality and gender confusion.”

“Unfortunately, most of America’s students now learn, thanks to these manipulators, that [to] take a strong stand against bullying, you have to accept these behaviors. No, you don’t! No-one has to approve of these sins [to] deal effectively with bullying.”

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