Prime Video Drops ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Deleted Scene

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If you thought Red, White & Royal Blue could not get any sweeter, think again! May we present to you, the Cornetto scene!

Prime Video delivered a delightful surprise on Friday, treating fans to a previously unreleased scene from Amazon’s romantic comedy, Red, White & Royal Blue, shared across the film’s official social media platforms. Affectionately dubbed as the “Cornetto scene” by loyal followers of the novel, the absence of this scene was felt by many. But not anymore!

“We present to you: The Cornetto Scene. Happy one week since #RWRBMovie came home,” the studio wrote.

What is The Cornetto Scene?

In this deleted clip, the tension is thick between Alex Claremont Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) as they eat ice cream in the guest sweet at Kensington Palace. Let’s rewind a bit. It’s right after CakeGate, and Henry and Alex are still not on the best terms. Alex is busy chit-chatting with his friend Nora (Rachel Hilson) and complaining about how “insufferable” His Royal Highness is.

Unbeknownst to him, Henry has overheard the conversation while coming to steal snacks from the guest freezer. His own kitchen was out of Cornetto ice cream cones. The two continue to squabble, and Henry pushes Alex to take their upcoming press day more seriously. They have to convince the world they are the best of friends, despite falling into a cake just the other day.

In retaliation, Alex takes a photo of the two eating treats and posts it online. Wow, 14,000 likes in two seconds.

How the Scene Compares to the Book

Fans were heartbroken when they found out the scene had been cut from the film’s final version. They had spotted it in the trailer, so why did they take it out?

Director Matthew Lopez provided insight into the decision to omit the scene from the final cut. “The Cornetto scene was in the movie for a while, but in the test screenings, the interview scene was playing so well,” he revealed to The Messenger. “The energy of the scene where Henry pulls up in the car, and they tussle over who’s going to shake whose hand in the picture — the Cornetto scene actually slowed down the rhythm and the trajectory, so I took it out. I love the scene, but without it, that section worked so much in the energy, and the rhythm worked better. So, the Cornetto scene exists, but not in the finished film.”

After watching the deleted scene, it does differ considerably from the scene written by Casey McQuiston considerably. Henry is still all spiffed up in his suit and tie rather than looking cozy in pajamas. Book Alex is also wearing an adorable pair of glasses. Fans love the scene because of how dressed down and vulnerable the two are. It’s a chance for them to see each other outside of flashy parties and press meetings. However, the film-version will hopefully satiate the hungry fans. After all, it is another opportunity to obsess over Alex and Henry’s cuteness.


History, huh? Red, White & Royal Blue has made some!

Red, White & Royal Blue is making massive waves across the cinematic landscape. Not only is it reigning supreme as the global favorite on Prime Video*, but it has also secured a spot among the top three most-viewed romantic comedies in Prime Video history. The film’s impact goes beyond the screen – its release has sparked an impressive surge in new Prime membership sign-ups, a testament to its captivating allure. Garnering applause from both audiences and critics, the movie proudly displays a coveted “Certified Fresh” Tomatometer rating, and its Rotten Tomatoes audience score stands tall at an impressive 94%.

Red, White & Royal Blue is now streaming on Prime Video.

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Prime Video Drops ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Deleted Scene
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