Nicholas Galitzine & Taylor Zakhar Perez Compare “Dump Trucks” at ‘RWRB’ Reunion

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After captivating audiences in Mary & George and The Idea of You, Nicholas Galitzine teamed up again with Taylor Zakhar Perez for a delightful reunion at the Prime Video’s For Your Consideration (FYC) event. The event was exciting, celebrating the film Red, White & Royal Blue as it heads into the Emmy Awards race for 2024.

Star-Studded Bash on May 8

On May 8, Galitzine and Perez reunited to light up the evening at the FYC event to drum up Emmy support. And it wasn’t just any old gathering; this was a star-packed event featuring our beloved duo as well as Uma Thurman and Rachel Hilson. Directors and producers like Matthew López, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and author Casey McQuiston, whose novel sparked this whole adventure, were also in the mix.

Galitzine and Zakhar Perez: Who Has a Bigger Cake?

A highlight of the evening had to be when Galitzine and Perez reignited that banter we have come to love. 

While posing for a photo together, the actors once again joked about wearing lifts, and even compared their “dump trucks.”

We love them! 

The stars later took the stage to share insights and memorable moments from the making of the film. The chemistry was undeniable, as attendees captured every second of the unforgettable night through photos and videos, ensuring fans at home got in on all the action.

Red, White & Royal Blue Cheeky Moments

The night was filled with laughter and cheeky comments. 

Matthew López reminisced about the instant connection between Zakhar Perez and Galitzine during their chemistry read, saying, “I remember texting Sarah after five minutes and going, ‘That’s them.'” This magical moment set the stage for what would become a fan-favorite duo on screen.

In a lighter, yet equally poignant moment, Casey McQuiston humorously recalled the overwhelming feeling of meeting Zakhar Perez, saying, “You have to go away, I’m going to experience psychological collapse.” 

Why This Event Was a Must-See

This FYC event wasn’t just a routine gathering; it was a heartfelt celebration of artistic collaboration and friendship. With the 2024 Emmy Awards on the horizon, and after a delay in the previous year’s ceremony due to the Hollywood strikes, this event was a perfect reminder of the magic that happens when talented individuals come together.

The Red, White & Royal Blue FYC event was a spectacular showcase of talent and camaraderie, making it an unmissable occasion for fans and newcomers alike. As the Emmy Awards approach, all eyes are on this dynamic team to see if they’ll take home the gold. 

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Nicholas Galitzine & Taylor Zakhar Perez Compare “Dump Trucks” at ‘RWRB’ Reunion
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