Lizzo Drops Gender-Affirming Shapewear Line

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Lizzo wants to make sure everyone feels good as hell in their body.

Grammy award-winning singer and rapper Lizzo is making her inclusive shapewear brand a little more inclusive. On Thursday, Lizzo announced a new line of gender-affirming shapewear coming to Yitty called “Your Skin.” The line will include binder tops and tucking bottoms for all gender identities as part of their mission to serve all bodies.

“I’ve watched countless videos of people crafting their own garments to wrap or tuck their bodies so their body can truly feel like theirs,” Lizzo wrote on Instagram. “I’ve heard people talk about their preference of wanting to be fluid in how they want to present their bodies depending on their mood or style of clothing. And I wanted to help. I called my team at Yitty and they immediately jumped to action.”


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The new garments are reportedly two years in the making and have been “perfected over time through extensive wear testing, community feedback and attention to every meticulous detail.”

“You deserve to feel like you. You deserve to feel good in Your Skin.”

Lizzo’s Brand is all About Self-Love

Lizzo launched Yitty last April. The revolutionary shapewear brand is designed with all body types in mind and offers garments in sizes 6X to XS. In addition to fighting for inclusive fashion, the brand also supports sustainability. All packaging from Yitty is made from 100% recycled materials, and 65% of the retail items are made from recycled fibers.

Lizzo announced her new line of gender-affirming fashion right before International Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31).

“I’m excited to say we have a great product that’s promises to grow and expand with Your needs. I’ve already read positive comments about how we can offer more to the non-binary, trans, gender-fluid community I wanna hear more! Your feedback is not only valuable but a necessity to us. Because we do this for You. Every Damn Body. Xoxo Lizzo”


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“Your Skin” by Yitty will be available late summer 2023.

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Lizzo Drops Gender-Affirming Shapewear Line
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