Lindsay Lohan Confirms ‘Freaky Friday 2’ – “We’re Going to Have a Lot of Fun With This”

Get ready for a blast from the past as Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis gear up for a thrilling ride back to the world of Freaky Friday! With a new sequel in the works, these two stars are about to bring more fun and laughter than ever before. Let’s dive into the details!

A Freaky Friday Reunion

Speaking to PEOPLE, Lindsay Lohan is ecstatic about teaming up with Jamie Lee Curtis once again. The duo, who chat like besties nearly daily, are stoked to explore new adventures in their upcoming film. While the nitty-gritty of filming dates and scripts are still under wraps, Lohan’s enthusiasm is through the roof. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with this,” she beams. According to the actress, the film is “in the process” of being made, and filming is up next.

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Sequel Buzz and Anticipation

Remember that iconic mother-daughter switch in Freaky Friday? Well, get ready for round two! Curtis and Lohan reminisced about their iconic roles and hinted at the sequel’s potential during a heart-to-heart with the New York Times. Curtis even reached out to Disney, sensing fans’ eagerness for a sequel.

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Star Power and Scripting

Mark Harmon, another familiar face from the original flick, believes Curtis has the magic touch to make the sequel a reality. “If she’s talking about it, then it’ll happen,” he confidently told Kelly Clarkson.

Scriptwriter Elyse Hollander is busy crafting the sequel’s story, aiming to recapture the charm that made the 2003 film a hit. With $160 million in box office earnings, the Lohan-Curtis Freaky Friday is a tough act to follow. Fans are buzzing with excitement, hoping for another heartwarming, hilarious swap.

Looking Forward

While we all wait for the sequel, don’t forget to catch Lohan in her latest Netflix release, Irish Wish, coming this March. It’s her second Netflix gig following the success of Falling for Christmas. So, grab your popcorn and stay tuned for more laughs, surprises, and, of course, a little bit of freaky Friday magic!

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Lindsay Lohan Confirms ‘Freaky Friday 2’ – “We’re Going to Have a Lot of Fun With This”
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