Katy O’Brian’s Audition Snap Ignites Lesbian Twitter

The power of manifestation!

Love Lies Bleeding Star Sets the Internet Ablaze!

Get ready to dive into the latest buzz that’s got Lesbian Twitter all stirred up! Katy O’Brian, the powerhouse from Love Lies Bleeding, has just had an old audition photo pop back up, and let’s just say, the reactions are wild!

From Flexing Muscles to Flexing Acting Chops

Remember in 2022 when everyone was chatting about Kristen Stewart joining a new flick, Love Lies Bleeding? It’s all about the gritty world of bodybuilding, and Stewart was cast not as the lead, but as the lead’s lover. That’s where our star, Katy O’Brian, steps in with a tweet that would change her life. She shared a photo showing off her buff physique with a cheeky note, “I’m free,” sparking a whirlwind of excitement.

And guess what? Her bold move paid off big time! O’Brian landed a role in the movie alongside Stewart, portraying a tough Midwesterner heading to a Vegas bodybuilding contest. There, she crosses paths with Lou (played by Stewart), a gym owner with quite the intriguing backstory.

The Thriller That Captured Hearts

Love Lies Bleeding isn’t just any movie—it’s a lesbian thriller that’s taken audiences by storm, both at festivals and now in cinemas. O’Brian’s and Stewart’s performances? Nothing short of captivating.

Twitter Can’t Keep Calm!

Lesbian Twitter couldn’t contain its excitement, and neither can we! From gasps of admiration to shouts of support, Katy O’Brian’s throwback picture has truly set the social media on fire. Want to see what the fuss is all about? We’ve rounded up the spiciest and sweetest tweets for you.

So, if you’re in for a tale of passion, ambition, and heart-racing thrills, Love Lies Bleeding is your ticket to a cinematic adventure. Katy O’Brian, we salute you!

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Katy O’Brian’s Audition Snap Ignites Lesbian Twitter
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