Jinkx Monsoon Shares Her New Chosen Name

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RuPaul’s Drag Race’s only two-time champ and soon-to-be Doctor Who sensation, Jinkx Monsoon, just spilled some exciting news! She’s chosen a new personal name, Hera Hoffer, on her incredible journey of gender self-exploration. 

But not to worry, she’ll still be our beloved Jinkx Monsoon in the spotlight.

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Why Hera? It’s Divine!

Why pick the name Hera? Well, it’s not just any name. It’s the name of an ancient Greek goddess, and it’s also the name of Jinkx’s enchanting new fragrance. 

More Than a Name Change

But Jinkx’s journey isn’t just about a new name. She recently underwent Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), embracing her identity further. She’s shared her recovery and experiences, showing that it’s never too late to be who you want to be.

Last year, while on tour, a trans elder told me: ‘Jinkx, it’s never too late.’ She was right.

“But let me say, ‘it’s never too late’ means the world to someone still figuring out their path. Also, ‘it’s never too late’ means something different for all of us,” she wrote online.

Breaking Boundaries and Embracing Identity

“What’s changing for me is my life out of drag,” she told Cosmopolitan. “I removed all the rules and parameters I had placed on myself,” she shared, adding that as someone who identifies as a “trans feminine non-binary person,” she had felt the need to present androgynously.

“I never allowed myself to wear dresses out of drag in public because I thought it would attract the wrong kind of attention. Sometime at the end of last year, I decided I was done,” she explained.

“I lifted all those rules and took a step forward. I booked my FFS, I reached out about HRT, and every day, I just feel like I’m taking strides toward the person I always saw myself becoming.”

A Flood of Love and Support

Fans and friends are over the moon about Jinkx’s revelations. From heartfelt congratulations on her new name to praises for her openness, the love is overwhelming. Everyone’s cheering on her journey toward happiness and self-acceptance.

Jinkx Monsoon: The Star Continues to Shine

Despite her personal evolutions, Jinkx remains a shining star in the entertainment world. With her role in Doctor Who and her upcoming performances on stage, she’s not slowing down. She’s an inspiration, showing everyone that embracing your true self is the key to happiness.

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Jinkx Monsoon Shares Her New Chosen Name
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