Here’s How You Can Stream the ‘Heartstopper’ S2 Playlist

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Once again, Heartstopper enchants us with an iconic soundtrack, brimming with heartfelt and whimsical bops from diverse artists – and we can’t hit the pause button.

Hold onto your playlists, folks, because if you thought the first season’s musical choices were a vibe, you’re in for a treat with the second round! Season one of Heartstopper jammed out to 36 catchy tunes, including bops from rising sensations like the queer icon girl in red and the Irish crooner Ezra Williams. But guess what? Season two cranks up the volume even higher!

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What Artists You Can Expect to Hear in Heartstopper S2

With eight fresh episodes, the soundtrack is bursting at the seams with a whopping 45 songs that’ll make you want to dance, cry, and maybe even start your own indie band. Brace yourselves for musical magic from the likes of Conan Gray, the sensational Wolf Alice, Lucy Dacus from the band boygenius, the reigning royalty Baby Queen, the mesmerizing Christine and the Queens, the iconic duo Tegan and Sara, and wait for it… the one and only Taylor Swift!

Where to Listen

You don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find these tunes. Just fire up Spotify and search for the Heartstopper: Official Playlist. And hey, if you’re totally crushing on a specific character (we won’t judge!), Spotify’s got you covered with custom playlists for each of the core crew.

Netflix’s smash hit queer teen drama, inspired by Alice Oseman’s beloved graphic novels, has been setting hearts aflutter within the LGBTQ+ community. If you have not watched it yet, get ready to ride the rollercoaster of emotions with high school sweethearts Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, joined by their fabulously diverse group of friends, as they navigate the stormy seas of adolescence.

Credit: Netflix

Finding the Perfect Song for the Perfect Scene

In a candid chat with Spotify, producer Patrick Walters, spilled the beans on the playlist process. He said, “We wanted to capture that raw, heart-on-the-sleeve energy that young indie artists bring to their music. It’s a perfect match for the characters’ rollercoaster of emotions.”


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♬ original sound – Pride

Similar to season one, the playlist is full of emerging queer artists. “Our tunes sync up like a dream when the lyrics and the vibe of the song sync up with the feels of the scene. It’s all about that magical connection!

“We wanted to keep the spirit alive from season one, but we also wanted the music to evolve and grow along with the characters,” he continued. “It’s like the characters and the playlist are in sync!”

But that’s not all, folks! William Gao – who plays Tao, AKA the heartthrob who stole Elle’s heart in the series – and his band Wasia Project, have dropped their very own track “ur so pretty.” Catch it in the grand finale of season two – talk about leaving us on a musical high!

So, whether your ultimate OTP is Elle and Tao or Charlie and Nick, the Heartstopper season two soundtrack has got your musical cravings covered. Time to plug in those headphones, hit play, and let the feels take over!

Listen to the Official Heartstopper Playlist here!

Here’s How You Can Stream the ‘Heartstopper’ S2 Playlist
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